Client: Clancy Group
Agency: Corporate Culture

–  Branding
–  Art direction
–  Typography
–  Illustration

Clancy Group are one of the UK’s largest construction companies. They wanted to simplify their previous complex group branding, moving from their old identity (Clancy Docwra) to a new unified organisation, Clancy Group.

The new brand, is a fresh, modern evolution of their identity, moving their long 60 year heritage forward and setting out their sustainability commitments for the future.

Development work

Although the final brand appears to be a simple transition, an evolution, rather than a revolution, that was not the case. During the development process we explored several routes for the client. Abandoning their existing logo entirely; one option was a visual identity based on a system of lines, each one styled differently to represent their different services; rail, water etc. Another was the discovery of an under used, and largely forgotten, company crest. This we modernised and demonstrated how such a piece of company history could work in a modern setting. In the end, given the complexity of the rollout required for the brand device, simplicity won out and we created a flexible modern system that they could take forward.
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