Built on tape

Client: Fujifilm
Agency: Earnest

–  Campaign branding
–  Art direction
–  Typography

Fujifilm are a global leader of film and data products and technology. They had identified an opportunity to increase their market share of tape based ‘cold data’ long-term archival storage. 

In response to this we created the, award-winning, ‘Built on tape’ campaign. The visual look and feel captures the flexibility and strength of the technology in promoting tape as a modern technical solution to a worldwide audience.

Development work

This campaign needed to demonstrate the flexibility of using Fujifilm tape in clients’ long term ‘cold’ data storage. We created a series of hero shapes, loops and icons in 3D, based on certain key messaging pillars; flexibility, longevity, resilience, etc. These shapes, together with the high impact background, created on-going campaign recognition, rolling out across social and digital touch points.

Development work

This work is from an unused creative route. Taking the idea at its most literal, we created a visual treatment in which the tape contained an entire world and the hero subjects became literally supported by tape. This option was ultimately rejected in favour of the more flexible approach shown above. As Pixar is a client of Fujifilm and uses this technology, we extended the visual treatment to include Woody from Toy Story as an example of a case study led approach to the campaign.

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