Hidden Journeys

Client: Initial
Agency: Earnest

–  Branding
–  Art direction
–  Typography
–  Illustration
Initial are the world’s leading global hygiene washroom and healthcare providers.

Backed by customer insights, Initial were determined to uncover the business impact of menstrual hygiene. The Hidden Journeys campaign sought to highlight and challenge issues, some social, some practical, faced by staff in the workplace.

Development work

The chosen creative approach for this campaign centres around the exploration of authentic menstrual hygiene experiences among employees and business users. A cropped speech mark graphic element is used to blur and obscure a portion of the subjects’ faces, effectively reinforcing the central ‘hidden’ concept of the campaign.

Development work

Focussing more on the idea of a journey, this unused creative route explored the idea of shape and form to illustrate the fragmented and broken narratives and experiences brought to light by the client’s research.

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