Essex County Council

Stop Swap Go!

Client: Essex County Council
Agency: Corporate Culture

–  Branding
–  Art direction
–  Typography
–  Illustration

Stop Swap go! Is a flexible campaign. Initially created to encourage people to use their cars less and public transport more. In light of the recent pandemic the whole nature of the campaign changed overnight. Stop Swap Go! quickly adapted into a communications campaign to help people travel more sustainably and appreciate the benefits of walking and cycling to work.

Development work

We developed the campaign look and feel, taking our cues from urban environments; from STOP markings painted onto roads, to traffic lights and directional chevrons, all of these existing graphic elements played a part in the campaign identity. The use of the simple three word phrase ‘STOP, SWAP, GO!’ was underpinned by the behavioural science insight of keeping headlines to 3 short words, in order to make the message as simple and clear as possible. The lower typography is italicised to give a sense of movement and propulsion to the words ‘GO!’ and the whole campaign’s colour scheme is a vivid green to, again, further that sense of action.

Final outputs

Development work

An unused creative route, focussing on the leisure time advantages of taking the bus. We created a series of people illustrations all making the most of their commute to get more done.

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